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In portofoliul de echipamente detinute de Five’s se regasesc echipamente de top special concepute a fi utilizate in teatre, opere si operete, conferinte, expozitii, concerte sau festivaluri.

  • lumini conventionale pe care le utilizam in spectacole de teatru, opera, opereta;
  • lumini arhitecturale  pentru iluminatul cladirilor, monumentelor sau exponatelor din cadrul galeriilor de arta sau muzee;
  • lumini inteligente IP65 bazate pe tehnologia led cu ajutorul carora reusim sa generam spectacolul si atmosfera
  • SGM P-5 W

    The P-5 W is IP65 rated making the fixture suitable for outdoor use. Offering the same mechanics and SMPS control as the P-5, it has a stunningly bright output achieved by the 44 x 4 White 10W high power LEDs.


  • SGM Q-2

    Based on the groundbreaking Q-7 technology, the IP65 rated Q-2 comes in a very small and robust chassis weighing only 6 kilos/13.2 lbs.


  • SGM Q-2 W

    Based on the groundbreaking Q-7 W technology, the IP65 rated Q-2 W comes in a very small and robust chassis weighing only 6 kilos/13.2 lbs.


  • SGM Q-7

    Q-7 is a low-profile and compact RGBW flood, blind and strobe. Containing 2,000 power RGBW LEDs it is a powerful adjustable multi-purpose fixture with a spread angle of 110Ø. Together with IP65 rating, a high output of 28,000 lumens and having a small physical footprint the Q-7 is an ideal fixture for outdoor use to light up buildings, facades, architectural structures and attractions.


  • SGM Q-7 W

    The Q-7 W is a low profile cool white flood light ideal for putting outdoor architectural buildings and monuments in focus.


  • SGM P-1

    The P-1 is an IP65-rated battery-driven RGBW LED wash/blind/strobe light with a small footprint and high output, designed for multiple applications, including applications where wireless operation is essential.


  • SGM P-2

    Based on the groundbreaking P-5 technology, the IP65 rated P-2 comes in a very small and robust chassis weighing only 6.1 kilos/13.4 lbs.


  • SGM G1-Beam POI

    This compact LED moving head is designed for any application or installation requiring crisp and narrow beams. The G-1 Beam POI is, along with its standard equivalent, the narrowest LED beam on the market with its 2.8Ø fixed beam, adjustable with an aperture pseudo zoom down to just 0.3Ø. Despite operating with just 50 W, the G-1 Beam cuts through anything and its sharply defined beam can be mistaken for laser beams. Equipped with a high-power white LED engine, a color wheel and a gobo wheel, the G-1 Beam POI creates powerful mid-air effects. It offers a high contrast ratio, and its motorized focus is both fast and precise, leaving no hotspots.


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