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  • 2017-03-31

    Five’s, strategical partner of the first Superkombat Gala to be broadcasted on CBS Sports Network

    On April 7, at the Central Pavillion of Romexpo, Bucharest, the first Superkombat gala to be broadcasted by the famous TV post CBS Sports Network will take place.

    “Following the strategical partnership signed with Five’s International, we are certain we will have a production standard at highest level at this Gala. It will surpass the K-1 Grand Prix in 2010 and that is the reason why we choose Romexpo. It is a pride to succeed to have a Romanian product broadcasted in America, and this only makes us more ambitioned to work harder ”, the official stated.

    The Gala will schedule 11 games, 4 of each eliminatory to the heavyweight category for the grand finale of the year.

    The event, having fighters from Romania, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Poland, Spain, UK and Morroco as participants, will beneficiate from the biggest TV production at a contact sports gala from Romania in the past 15 years, according to the organizer.

  • 2017-03-02

    Superkombat announces new strategical partner, Five’s. The first joint event is on March 12th

    Bucharest, March 1st – Superkombat, the European leader in kickboxing, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Five’s, member of AV Alliance. This collaboration will place the promotion of Superkombat at a new level in terms of television exposure.

    This is the second partnership made by Superkombat this year after the agreement with CBS Sports Network for six broadcasted events in 2017. “In today’s media landscape, it is more important than ever to partner with the right people. We are very happy with this new partnership. Five’s is one of the biggest production companies in Europe, which will help us grow our TV production around the world. The first event together will take place on March 12th at Beraria H in Bucharest,” said Superkombat president, Eduard Irimia.

    The first event, following the partnership, will take place at Beraria H, in Bucharest, Sunday, March 12th, at 19:00 CET and will be broadcasted live on Fight Box HD. The winners of the night will get their place for the first World Grand Prix of the year, set up for April 7th, and which can also be viewed on CBS Sports Network.

    Based in Bucharest, Five’s has 20 years of experience, with more than 500 events per year, and is part of AV Alliance, an international association with 75 members from 48 countries. “Together we will make big things. Dream big, set goals and take action”, continued Irimia.

    In the main-event of the night, the rising star, Sebastian Cozmanca, will face the Norway Muay Thai champion Simon Ogolla. The co-main event will have a heavyweight showdown between Mihaita Golescu and the former arm wrestling champion Robert Constantin. On the fight card, two new heroes were announced as Eduard Chelariu and Adelin Mihaila.

  • 2017-03-01

    Five’s becomes the technical producer for Superkombat Galas

    Five’s ensures top technical production for Superkombat Galas organized at both national and global levels. We’ll be waiting for you at the first gala in 2017, on March 12, at Beraria H, Bucharest.

    Starting this season, the Superkombat Galas will be available to watch even across the Ocean thanks to the contract signed by the promoter Eduard Irimia with American giant CBS. “On the 12th, some Romanian sportsmen will have the chance to live their American dream. The winners will get their place for the Galas broadcasted by CBS Sports. Veterans such as Mihaita Golescu and Sebastian Ciobanu will be present during the event, as well as heroes like Eduard Chelariu and Adelin Mihaila”, Eduard Irimia said while presenting the venue which has a capacity of approx. 1.200 seats.

    Furthermore, the Superkombat official revealed the event will see a premiere in regard to production, following a new technical partnership. “Surely, Superkombat will rise to a new level, we upgraded the production, due to a new technical partnership signed with Five’s, from AV Alliance, which will allow the access to top level production, from every corner of the planet. The experiment will take place on March 12. It will all resemble those K-1 galas organized a few years ago in Japan. I’m sure it will be a memorable event”, said the promoter.

    With 500 events per year, Five’s International is a leader of technical production for corporate events and the biggest employer in this area. The company has a specialized production team with international expertise, which can entirely coordinate any kind of event, indoor or outdoor. In 2016, following a selection and evaluation process, Five’s became the only Romanian company member of AV Alliance, the most important global association of event production. AV Alliance is an international association founded in Switzerland and it respects the regulations, norms and standards of European Union, having 75 members and being present in over 47 countries from all the continents.

  • 2017-02-09

    Five’s - innovation in corporate events

    Lavinia Popescu, Commercial Director at Five’s, about the corporate events technical production, for Elle Magazine:

    “We constantly try to focus about what’s new and trendy, and, in order to surpass the clients’ expectations, you need to constantly bring that ingredient that generates the wow effect.

    We organize a significant number of events every year, but each event brings something unique, it forces you to become better, more creative, and at Five’s all these things are possible thanks to an integrated team of specialists.

    A successful corporate event is based on a wise choice of location, a strong digital and social presence, an original event design and a strategic thinking in the selection of the technology that is adequate to the event.

    Interactivity supported by technology remains a must have in the event industry, the newest trends in 2017 are heading towards super technology, virtual reality, sensorial experiences. The latest innovations in this area represents what the 80s and 90s generations only dreamt of and saw in the movies: for instance, virtual reality amplifies so much the event, that it succeeds to keep the interaction and interactivity even when the participants are kilometers away.

    In the last year, live streaming from a drone evolved a lot. The drone that have 4k cameras and have the possibility of live streaming on different media channels represents powerful instruments to engage the audience, thus contributing to a captivating experience, as in virtual reality.

    The growth of high tech solutions in the event industry were always measurable and tangible. Each time an equipment is associated with an innovative technology, the event will have a different dimension. The year 2017 will be the year when the tangible technology with offline access will generate waves in this industry. The complete virtual experience will resonate more and more with different generations of participants to the event. Touchable tech represents simple solutions that appeals to the five senses, other than the ones that forces us to concentrate only upon ourselves in a singular manner.

    This technology succeeds to grow the involvement of the participants to an event, touching thus becoming a much important experience than reading or talking, appealing to the hearts of the participants more than to their minds.

    In a world where all changes so fast, the diversity brought to an event becomes a necessity. The diversity represents the development of this industry, it means the change of the event participants’ behavior through the interactive solutions we are proposing.

    Five’s manages over 500 events every year, from theatre and opera shows to opened air concerts and corporate events.”

  • 2017-01-27

    Five's organizes a workshop with SGM light equipment

    On Tuesday, January 31, 2017, starting 11:00 hours, FIVE’S organizes a workshop at its headquarters in 173 Timisoara blvd., dedicated to the possibilities of light design through the latest professional SGM equipment. The event is dedicated to the light technician and light designers, architects, urbanizes, rental company representatives and all who is interest to become a specialist in light design.

    The specialists invited to the workshop are representatives of theatres, architects and light designers.

    Light design is an element who can complete, even differentiate, an event’s atmosphere, even if it is a concert, festival or corporate event.

    The workshop will start with a theoretical part, when a SGM representative will present the characteristics and advantages of the premium indoor and outdoor equipment. The participants could test the equipment, afterwards, in a specially designed area, within the practical section of the workshop. At the end of the presentation, a session of Q&A and networking will take place.

    Beyond the possibilities of light design, the workshop will address the architectural light and the professional equipment used for that purpose. One of the differentiators of this kind of equipment is the IP65 technology, allowing the equipment to function at normal parameters no matter the atmospheric conditions (dust, water, snow).

    If you wish to participate, we are waiting for your emails at  office@fives.ro


  • 2016-11-11

    Five's ensures the technical set-up to Biz Days

    On November, 14-18, at Novotel Hotel, Bucharest, Five’s will ensure the technical design for Biz Days. Five’s will contribute to the success of this event with an impressive set-up of lights, sound, staging and video.

    Reaching its 15th edition, Biz Days is taking place in 5 days, Monday to Friday, and will have speakers on the following topics: entrepreneurship, innovation, management, CSR, Media & Marketing.

    Details about the programme, speakers and how to register, on the following link: www.zilelebiz.ro .

  • 2016-10-04

    We have something for you and for your next event

    Currently, corporate events register an ascending trend, and the clients wish new communication strategies to differentiate from the competition.

    Thus, Five’s, lider on corporate events market, launches today a challenge to the Romanian organizers, whereby they can transmit the description of the event they wish to organize – concept, objectives, available resources, and Five’s responds with a technical design layout.

    What is technical design?

    Not just a trendy word, but also a process that translates the client’s objectives in clear specifications of the technical requirements he needs to make a success out of his future event.

    We mean we will put into perspective the context and the possibilities the clients has, in terms of: analysis of your needs and possible location for the event, developing a technical set-up harmonized with the idea and participants to the event, light design and visual shows, risk analysis and necessary stuff.

    All, in order to attain the objective using the resources the client has.

    As technical producer for events, Five’s offers complete technical services: technical consultancy, event planning and implementing through professional staging, sound, light and video equipment and a dedicated commercial and technical team.

    Write to us few words about the concept of the event you will organize in the next period of time, at: comercial@fives.ro and we will reply with detailing of the project on the technical part of your event. You can beneficiate of free technical design until 30.11.2016.

  • 2016-09-16

    Five's, creative partner for Parsifal at Athenaeum shows

    Five’s is the creative partner for PARSIFAL AT ATHENAEUM shows, to be happening on October 7 and 8, 2016, with an impressive light, sound and staging design.

    These shows represent a new and unique concept in Romania and in the world. They present Wagner’s creation in a show where the audience is situated in the middle of action, and combines the musical components (orchestra, choir, vocals) with complex theatre elements (light, scenery, costumes, sound and visual special effects), using the acoustic and architectural characteristics of the Athenaeum.

    Having a vast experience in designing renowned artistical projects, Five’s will conceive an entirely new staging design, consisting in two overlapping stages. A bridge will be built between the main stage, where the choir will be, to ensure the passion on other stage, where the ballet and grail reveal moments. Moreover, Five’s will design a complex light show, to enhance the choir in foyer and the one in the hall, with the spectators. For the sound of all show, a Synco / Marin Audio performing sound system will be used.

    Technical equipment used by Five’s will be:  SGM Six-Pack, GLP Impression 120RZ, Varilite VL3500Q Spot, Clay Paky Sharpy moving heads, controlled with Grand MA 2 Full Size light controller; Synco / Martin Audio W8LC sound system; customized stage system.

    PARSIFAL AT ATHENAEUM was launched in May 2015, by The Romanian Foundation for Excellence in Music, in partnership with “George Enescu” philharmonic orchestra, on the occasion of the 100 years anniversary since the debut of this opera play in Romania, under the baton of George Enescu. In October, this partnership was renewed together with the conductor Christian Badea, to mark the gala opening of the concerts season at the Athenaeum.


  • 2016-09-01

    Five's, the only company in Romania member of AV Alliance

     In 2016, after a very thorough selection process which included an inspection by the evaluation committee, Five’s was the only company in Romania to become a member of AV Alliance, the largest international association in the field of events organizing.

    AV Alliance is an international association established in Switzerland that meets the standards of the European Union and Germany.

    The association consists of 75 members from 47 countries on all continents, totaling 103 work points. Annually, the average number of projects developed by the members of the Alliance amounts to more than 100,000.

    The Alliance supports its multinational and trans-global clients by helping them to identify the best technical partner for their event, ensuring the professionalism and quality of services accessed.

    AV Alliance accepts only companies that meet strict quality standards. Through a strict selection process and supervision of its members, the Alliance virtually guarantees the efficiency and quality of services offered by its partners to their clients.

    As a member of the Alliance, Five’s is able to offer the best services at the highest quality:

    • Rental of professional sound, lighting and video equipment for a wide variety of events: corporate, artistic, sporting events, concerts and live performances;
    • Ability to provide and support technical offers in English;
    • A team of specialists who provide technical support and can communicate in English;
    • Guarantees service quality and professionalism;
    • Has its own warehouse, the equipment being properly stored;
    • Owns its own fleet of vehicles that provide transportation of technical staff and professional equipment to the location of the event;
    • Holds certificates of quality and conformity in line with EU laws for all equipment used;
    • Project portfolio which is illustrative of Five’s business.

  • 2016-06-20

    FIVE'S is the Technical Partner of the National Drift Championship 2016

    The biggest drift championship in Eastern Europe, held on June 25th and 26th around the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest brought no less than 65 professional pilots from Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine and Poland to the start line, their cars totalling over 30,000 horsepower.

  • 2016-03-24

    FIVE’S Places Romanian Creativity under the Spotlights. At the FIBRA AWARDS

    During the local creativity Festival, Five’s had the pleasure to offer a technical yet creative show.

    From this position, FIVE’S uses its 20+ years’ experience to create a spectacle of sound and light, meant to put a spotlight on the most creative and courageous companies in the past two years.

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