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Fives and the Operetta Theatre Bring Rebecca before the Romanian Audience

Produced in collaboration with the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theatre, Rebecca premiered in 2011 and was for two years one of the most successful shows performed in Romania. Rebecca is based on the novel written by Daphne de Maurier, enjoyed a special distribution, but is also a complex show, representing a challenge in many ways, including technically. Five’s mission was to achieve the lighting setup which would highlight the actors and key moments, as well as the special effects. Among the elements of novelty and special complexity, Five’s used a Le Maitre branded flame paste, in order to recreate the fire at the end, the paste having the ability to maintain the flame without damaging the decor elements, being a safe element for actors and viewers.

Target Audience

The audience that attended these performances are interested in the opera, operetta, and culture in general. The show was also performed in the “Life is Beautiful” Festival in 2011.

Technical Equipment Used

The technical equipment which Fives used for this show includes:

  • Smart Martin Mac 2000 Performance and Martin Mac 500 lighting fixtures
  • JEM ZR33 HiMass Fog smoke machines
  • Shure Beta 52A, Shure Beta 98 D/S, Shure SM 94-LC microphones
  • Pyrotechnic effects: Large Flame Projector, Small Flame Projector, Flame Paste



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