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The fear of any organiser is that things will not work. There is no person in this job who didn’t have nightmares that the screen will not work, that the lights will not turn on, that the movie will fail to start or that the microphone will create microphonics. Nobody can prevent these things, they just simply happen sometimes. What you can do, however, is to work with a great team such as Five’s. They are not some kind of magicians, they cannot make all these misfortunes disappear, but they are always ready with a backup solution and with specialists who know exactly what they need to do for everything to work. I would like to thank the team at Five’s, because with them it was possible for the Hope Concert Gala to be flawless for 4 years in a raw.

Oana Dragulinescu
Creative Director, Quartz Media

It is very easy to speak of someone you don’t know, but it is very difficult to speak of someone you know. And when you have to speak not of a person but of a company, things get even more difficult when you have good things to say.

I have come across Five’s for the first time in 2000. Back then, it was a company that provided only pyrotechnic solutions. In 2000, the offer of staging services for the events industry was quite limited so I knew more or less all players. I saw how Fives grew more and more each year, how it built confidence and knowledge and became what is today - number one in the event industry.

We have been constantly working together for more than five years now and if I were to make a brief characterisation of Five’s, I would say it is a company you can count on when you need it. I discovered in them not only a supplier of equipment, but also a consultant, a designer of events, a provider of ideas.

For me, it is important that everything goes perfectly during an event and get the intended effect in those few hours, sometimes a few minutes. It is therefore vital that all those involved, particularly the staff from the technical department, who bear on their shoulders 80% of the achievement of an event, in those moments of maximum pressure, to be there, to be professionals, to do what they have to do, to prove their experience and dedication to the job they do.

Gabriel Constantinescu
Managing Director, Publicis Groupe

I have been collaborating with Five’s for a long time, because I have found an experienced team of professionals who combine efficiently the quality of the equipment they own with the creativity and innovation. We remember with pleasure each event we organised together. Our clients were very satisfied with the result, which encourages us to keep this collaboration going.

Among the most recent events we have worked on with Five’s, we mention The Color Run, where Five’s was present since the first race, accompanying us to Mamaia, Cluj Napoca, in the Constitution Square or Promenada Mall. I am fully satisfied with the versatility with which Five’s has managed to adapt to the specificity of each event, contributing to its success.

Gigi Loghin
Kick Off Events, Kick Off Events

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