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Superkombat World Grand Prix at Romexpo

Five’s, national and global partner to Superkombat galas, ensured the technical production at the highest level for Superkombat World Grand Prix, on April 7, at Romexpo. Following the strategic partnership with Fives, the gala benefited by the highest standard of technical production. The event was the first Superkombat Gala broadcasted by the famous TV post CBS Sports Network, thus Fives being responsible for the success of the biggest TV production at a Romanian contact sports gala in the past 15 years.

Targeted audience

The event was destined for the general public interested in sport competitions

Technical equipment used

The technical equipment used by Fives includes:


  • QSC and Synco W8LC sound system, digital sound console Digico D5T, DPA and Shure mics.
  • Lights: Clay Paky Mythos, Martin Mac 2000 Wash XB, 700 Profile and Wash, Martin Rush MH3 Beam, LED lights SGM G-Spot, SGM P-5, Q7, Six-Pack, GLP Impression 90 and Volkslicht, Martin Mac 101, Pulsar Chromastrip, Grand MA2 full size light controller, conventional lights: Arri Fresnel T2 2000W, Desisti Leonardo 2 kw Fresnel, ETC Source Four Zoom Profile 15/30 dgr, Follow Spot Robert Juliat Cyrano 2500 W HMI
  • Fog machines: JEM ZR33, Le Maitre G300, Martin Jem Hazer K1



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