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UNITER Awards Gala 2018

The XXVI-th edition of Uniter Awards Gala took place in Alba Iulia this year, to mark the Centenary Year. For this anniversary event we provided an elegant transparent pavilion, set up on the esplanade in front of the Roman-Catholic Cathedral.

The festive setting of Uniter Gala was highlighted by the indoor light show and the architectural lights, and the LED screens ensured the visibility for the award moment. Gala was broadcasted and could be watched on an outdoor LED screen set up by us in the square of Citadel area.

Targeted audience

Around 300 persons from theatres, directors and actors participated to the event.

Technical equipment used:


The technical equipment used by Fives includes::

  • Lights: Chauvet Maverick MK1 Hybrid si MK2 Wash, GLP Impression 90, SGM P-5 si Six-Pack, Studio Due City Beam si City Color, Robert Juliat Cyrano 2500W follow spot, controlled by Grand MA and Martin LighyJockey.
  • Video – modular LED screen, 3,9, 4,8 and 7,7 mm pixel pitch, video processor LVP 605 S
  • Trussing, layher and Nivtec podiums staging



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